Welcome to Cosplay Research! The purpose of this web site is to provide reference images and pattern suggestions for Cosplay. Submissions are welcome and can be sent to If you are sending images please provide the name of the character and the series they are from. For pattern suggestions please provide either a link or a picture of the pattern as well as any modifications made.

wingicon1 May 2013wingicon

Finn from Adventure Timewing
Fionna from Adventure Timespoolwing
Flame Princess from Adventure Time
Ice King from Adventure Time
Ice Queen from Adventure Time
Marceline from Adventure Time

wingicon17 December 2012wingicon

Aya Brea from Parasite Eve
Eve from Parasite Eve
Meliisa Pearce from Parasite Eve
Cloe from Tales of Legendia
Grune from Tales of Legendia
Jay from Tales of Legendia
Moses from Tales of Legendia
Norma from Tales of Legendia
Senel from Tales of Legendia
Shirley from Tales of Legendia
Will from Tales of Legendia

wingicon9 August 2012wingicon

Aerith from Final Fantasy VII
Barret from Final Fantasy VII
Cid from Final Fantasy VII
Cloud from Final Fantasy VII
Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII
Tifa from Final Fantasy VII
Vincent from Final Fantasy VII
Yuffie from Final Fantasy VII

wingicon7 June 2012wingicon

Frank from Shadow Hearts: From the New World
Hilda from Shadow Hearts: From the New World
Johnny from Shadow Hearts: From the New World

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