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Kyubey progress

Headless Kyubey

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Kyubey Pattern

This was in Cosmode issue 41. I’m currently working on making my own and thought I would share the pattern with everyone. Have fun!

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Temari wig

Finally found an affordable awesome wig to wear with my Temari costume! I really need to get motivated to finish my costume now!

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Kyoko preview

I’ve been working on a mock-up of my Kyoko costume. I still need to adjust the armholes to angle in more to be more accurate to the references and I’d like the skirt to be fuller.

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I just want to give everyone a quick update on what’s going on with the site. I plan on trying to get some updates up this week. I just started a new job and am trying to get 2 costumes … Continue reading

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Backup Temari Fan

This is my backup fan for Temari just in case I don’t finish making the other one on time or it doesn’t come out good. Next time I decide to do this I will not be picking a fan with … Continue reading

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Possible boots for Kyoko costume

I’m thinking about using these boots for my Kyoko costume:

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Temari Fan Progress

Today I started on my Temari Fan. I spray painted the wooden slats I have from the blinds with shiny black spray paint.

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Temari Fan

I found a pretty awesome tutorial on how to make Temari’s fan here: I love the idea of using wood blinds for the spokes, except that wood blinds are really expensive. I got really lucky today while browsing a … Continue reading

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possible pattern for Dr. Girlfriend

Vogue 1939 from the 60′s

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