How to Make Fake Cut for Cosplay – Incised Wound?

To enrich your cosplay look, you will need to make a prop or fake wound on a certain part of your body. Below, a tutorial about how to make a fake incised wound is shared with you. Within minutes, you will find this is really easy and interesting. Now, let’s begin.

Required material: white latex, clean water, toothpick (some people may not use it), watercolor pigment, medical cotton, ball-peen nylon watercolor pen (size 3), flat-head nylon watercolor pen and face tissues. Pay attention to put a piece of newspaper under these items.

Okay, I plan to make the fake cut on my leg.

Before starting, take a look at the finished cut look.

Step 1: Mix the clean water with latex in the proportion of 1:1. Then brush it onto the place where you plan to make the cut. Don’t brush it on a too large scope.

Step 2: Tear the cotton into required shape and length. Both edges should be thinner. Stick them onto the skin brushed with latex.

Step 3: Compact the cotton to make the shape look tidy and clean.

Step 4: Brush a thin layer of latex and compact it onto the cotton to fix the finished shape.

Step 5: Mix the pigment. Draw the basic configuration of the cut.

Draw the main line of the cut.

Step 6: Plot up moisture on the nib slightly. Then, draw around the main line to make the cut wider.

Step 7: Red is used while drawing the main line. Then, mix black pigment into the red watercolor. When it becomes dark red, draw the main line again.

This is the dark red main line.

Step 8: Dip cotton into the red pigment and print out a circle of light red around the cut.

It should look like this.

Step 9: Trim work is needed at last to repair the main line.

The cut has been finished, XD.

Make another cut on the other leg in the same way.

When it comes to making a cut on the hand, tiny difference happens. After sticking a thin layer of cotton on the skin, pick out the edge by toothpick to make skin seem like open and flesh torn.

Don’t dry it too long if you don’t want to make it look like this, XD.

Fake cut has almost been a must-have look for cosplay. It isn’t difficult to be made, right?

Author bio: Sherry works for, a shop supplying cosplay costumes online, like Bleach cosplay costumes. She’s also busy with running her cosplay blog with couple of friends. You can also find her at facebook and twitter.

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    What latex did you use? We can’t seem to find the right one?

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